Free At Last (feat. Childish Gambino) - S-X

Listen to Childish Gambino’s collaboration with S-X the producer. S-X added a note to the track’s description: “This was supposed to be my debut single but whatever. It still can be.”

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Stop waiting for friday, for summer, for a boy to fall in love with you. Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it and make something of the moment you’re in right now.

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Complimenting my friends like


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I am unable to describe exactly what is the matter with me. Now and then there are horrible fits of anxiety, apparently without cause.

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Nika Samarina


Nika Samarina

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Make it happen. Shock everyone.

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*doesn’t check bank account*
*pretends everything is fine*

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you know you’re fucked when those late night thoughts start hitting you in the middle of the day

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